Our dogs

Border collies and Australian shepherds FCI and/or ISDS/ASCA registered

Daralis Ferenčík

(import SR)

border collie

Sire: Blacksheep Roy Dam: Llanfarian Fan

Daralis is our oldie goldie. She is from working lines and she is mother of 4 litters. She is very happy dog, very keen around sheep, using her head – she is deffinetely know what to do. She loves cuddles, sleeping in bed and staring at small dogs. She loves to train on treats and toys.

She is still very playful in her age and her bestie is Fusca. I got Dara from my friend when she was 7 yo, because I needed a bit help around sheep and all my doggies were too young or unable at that time. She settled well, so we agreed that she will stay with us permanently. She is still helping around a bit, but mostly we are enjoying long hikes and a bit of shaping training as her active retirement.


  • *10.12.2012
  • 52cm
  • 18kg
  • HD A/A
  • ED A/A
  • OCD free
  • DNA CEA, PRA clear
  • DNA TNS clear
  • DNA CL clear

Scandal Beauty Puella Fera

(import CZ)

australian shepherd

Sire: Calico Boy Puella Fera Dam: Daisy Dasha des Chemins Cathares

Zara is my first purebreed aussie. She is from show lines and she was never used for breeding. She loves everything and everyone. She is always happy, she would do anything for food or tuggyy toy. We used to run agility (LA2), canicross and also a bit of sheep herding. Now she is in retirement and we are just enjoying life, hiking and bit of general training.


Zara was never used in breeding, during the epilepsy issues in her pedigree.

  • *03.04.2013
  • 48cm
  • 16kg
  • HD B/B
  • ED A/A
  • spondylosis clear (2019)
  • DNA CEA, PRA clear
  • DNA MDR1 clear
  • DNA HSF4 clear
  • DNA DM carrier

JuWe´s Fusca

(import DE)

australian shepherd


Fusca is aussie from working lines. She is very good on big flock of sheep or on cattle. She loves to work on 110% all the time. She is into agility as well, she loves it so much and she is fast as hell. She loves shaping training a learning new tricks. She is very friendly with other dogs, but she is respecting about their boudaries and she can comunicate with them very well.

  • *01.05.2019
  • 49cm
  • 15kg
  • FCI HD A/A – OFA excellent
  • FCI ED A/A – OFA normal
  • OCD free
  • SA clear (2021)
  • DNA CEA clear
  • DNA prcd-PRA clear
  • DNA MDR1 clear
  • DNA CMR1 clear
  • DNA HSF4 carrier
  • DNA DM clear
  • NCL1 clear
  • eyes checked 2021 clear

Ariadna Nene Lili

(import CZ)

border collie

Sire: Penllwyn Max Dam: Erin Ballarat

Leia is our youngest member of the pack. She is very keen on sheep, she is natural in driving. She doesnt have a problem with herding cattle as well. We are slowly starting with agility training, where she looks very promissing. She is granddaughter of our Daralis. She is shy to other dogs, need her space but once she knows that the dog can behave, she is very friendly.

  • *22.06.2021
  • 50cm
  • 15kg