Ariadna Nene Lili


* 22.6.2021

Border collie

About Leia

Leia is still puppy in her mind and I think it wont change that easily. She is kinda shy to the other dogs and people, she prefer to stay away for a while and observe. Once she find out thats everything is fine, she is very friendly.

She is very good on sheep with very natural and strong instinct. She is working on the cattle as well where is very confident and she wont hesitate to be pushy if its needed. 

She loves to cuddle, she is the best friend with Fusca and loves to steal weird stuff for playing (like a block of soap for example 😀 ) 


Our plans for future

Canicross and scooterjoring 

 Leia seems to be slightly interested in pulling, but she is not really into it like Fusca.. well will see in future. 


 We are on very begging, she is still pup in her head for that, so there is no rush.


 Leia succesfully passed the NHAT test in Czechia, maybe in winter we will try to go for some competitions.