Daralis Ferenčík

border collie


About Dara

I have Daralis since 3/2020. She is my first border collie, but I know her offsprings and I love them so much. Dara was dog of my friend Helena and she had 4 litters in kennel Ballarat. In winter 2020 I wrote Helena if she has some dog for work around sheep, adult, because I need that dog working as soon as possible. She offered me one unregistered bitch, but I didn’t like her very much. So Helena came with idea that Dara can spent her “retire” at my place. At the moment I was thinking that she is joking, but she wasn’t. What can I say, there were many tears on both sides, but we managed it. Dara is now with me and helping around sheep almost every day. I am lucky to have her. ❤️


litters at Helena’s kennel

D Ballarat * 10.10.2015

E Ballarat * 29.11.2016

H Ballarat * 8.2.2018

ISDS litter * 21.11.2019