Aussie championship


Aussie championship 2021

28th of October was traditional aussie championship in individual mushing disciplines for breed australian shepherd.

For Fusca it was the first start in category scooterjoring. 

Terrain was slightly up and down and with many sharp turns. However, Fusca ran like a pro. Race track was 4 km long and we finished it in 12minutes 21seconds. 

Fusca was amazing and we finished at 2nd place in aussies! 

Zara was on competition again!

Later that day started in kids category on 1km, with my 10 y.o. brother.

She was so happy, that she pulled like never before… Poor little brother 😀

But he was very brave, he ran all the track and I think that he forgot breathing during the race… 😀

They were amazing together and won this competition!