Amira Plyshadog


* 27.3.2015 


Australian shepherd



About Amy

Amy is Vláďa first dog. He was young and he want puppy for agility.

He doesn´t know about the differences in lines at all, however he has lucky pick and he got quick athletic dog. 

Amy loves to run agility. She is fast like a hell and she has nice jumping style. But sometimes the poles goes down, because she is so happy to run, that she just forget on her legs… 😀 

 Amy has typical aussie speeches. She loves to steal Vláďas socks when he dressing up and she loves to play with Hope and Fusca. Sometimes she is really serious person, director of the Earth, mostly when she sitting on the hill. 

 Vláďa and Amy competing in category LA2. 



Amy never will be use in breeding program, cause she don´t have strong herding instinct. She is neutered.